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TIS-620 (Thai Industrial Standard)

I am aware that HOPEX supports Thai as a data language.Does HOPEX support this Thai Language Standard TIS-620? There is a specific requirement to be compliant with the Standard.

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Scenario diagram

Dear all,  Can you share with us the  Application Scenario flow diagram of HOPEX app,Thank you all.

Resolved! Describing an IT Service with HOPEX IT Architecture

Dear all,the standard definition is:An IT service is a software component of an application, that can't be deployed alone and that realizes a sub-set of the functionalities of this application either for end users of this application or inside the ap...

Resolved! Custom Dataset with Object Descriptions

I would like to create a simple dataset showing business capabilities and their descriptions.After some exploring it seems the description is stored as a diagram, but after some experimentation I was unable to determine which type of diagram.Is anyon...

object Web site: where to find the generated pages??

We've migrated from Hopex V2 (windows client) towards Hopex 5 (web client) and it seems that our object 'web site' is no longer functioning as before.See the screen shot below in V5.The characteristics seem to miss some previously existing fields (li...

Website_Characteristics_V5.PNG Website_Characteristics_V2.PNG Website_Objects_V2.PNG
jpots by Super Contributor
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Consultation on Security Implementation in Hopex 360 - HOPEX V4

Hello,I am investigating how to implement security measures on the Hopex 360 portal. My goal is to ensure that before accessing information on the portal, a username and password are requested to ensure that only authorized users can access it. Curre...

Ds4b by MEGA Partner
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GraphiQL: Introspection is not allowed error

Hi Community,We recently installed the HOPEX GraphQL IDE module. The access to the tool is working but we got the error "Introspection is not allowed" . We are using Hopex V5 CP7. Thank you for your help.Best regards,Asmaa

abaidas by Super Contributor
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Limitation when obtaining risk fields through macro - HOPEX V4

Hello,Currently, I am working on creating a matrix table that includes certain fields of the "Risk" object, derived from an evaluation carried out for each of them. Among these fields, there are some that are not native to the tool and are autocalcul...

Ds4b by MEGA Partner
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Resolved! who app

Can you get by a query who modifyed/created applications and when?

Custom Dataset for Business Functional Areas

Hi,I am trying to build a custom report on business functional areas and have hit a blocker.I have some Business Functional Areas that have Owned Realizations which are Business Capabilities. The Business Functional area also has Implementation's whi...


How can objects be imported into the architecture resource module, for example a radar?

Resolved! Count Number of Objects Using ERQL

Is there a way to count the number of objects using ERQL?In SQL, there is a count(*) or count distinct function that returns a number based on the criteria in the where clause.Is there an equivalent of this in ERQL?Thank you!

mrodil001 by New Contributor
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count in ERQL?<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">    <title>Bubble Chart</title>    <style>        #bubbleChart {            width: 800px;          ...

Cataloging Mobile Applications

I am curious how others catalog mobile applications in Hopex.   Different scenarios: 1) when the capability is only available on a mobile device (do you use 1 regular application record?) and 2) when the application is available both as a web app and...

PeterCool by New Contributor
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Access not granted

Hello, I'm reaching out as I have a serious problem with access to Mega. I have an admin profile and when I create access to my collegues, the webportal turns for 3/4 seconds then start asking the **** for identification. an error message appears in ...

K-khattabi by Super Contributor
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Replace object of same metaclass on a diagram

Hello,Several of our users asked us if HOPEX has  a "Replace object" feature.For example,On an Application System structure or Scenario of flows diagrams:Can I replace one Application object that has connections (e.g. interaction, flows, channels etc...

Resolved! Default value assigned on creation of Database

Hi, Each time a database is created, from whatever location (in a diagram, just adding it on an app...), a link between the database and the Target DBMS is created automatically with value SQL Ainsi. MetaAssociation automatically created: (DBMS Relea...

SBureau by Trusted Contributor
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Hopex Data Source Extractor - Used

Hi everyone,I would like to know if there is anyone in the community using Hopex Data Source Extractor in production for SQL and Informix DBMS. I have been facing many difficulties using this module and I would like to share these problems, as it see...

Continuity of the EA Project module

I noticed that in Aquila the presence of the EA Project functionality. Searching for a little more information about this functionality, I didn't find any example or attention explaining or exemplifying this module, which seems very important to me. ...

Hopex 360 Site Generation - Incremental Model Publishing

Issue - We generate our Hopex 360 site once daily, which refreshes based on our entire published model inventory.  This takes too long (5-6 hours) and time to generate will increase many times over as the inventory increases.  'Publishing' in this co...