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How to import Strategy on Page Diagram

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi all,

How is the best practice to import Strategy on page diagram from different Environment A to B (HOPEX V5).

we created diagram in the different instance, there are two versions of business capability with the same data, the first is coming from A instance along with the diagram and the second is existing on the B instance already linked/connected to another object (such as application, value stream, to its sub-capabilities etc). Since the capability comes with different id from different instances it will become 2 different data isn't it?

number of business capability : 25

how to import the diagram and join/replace/reconnect the business capability from A to B that was previously connected to the object.

Much appreciated, Thank you !

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Hi @BenAvdicevic ,

Thanks ! for your reply

yes agreed, for the solution we intent to export the data out from environment A into environment B, by update the unique id you mean the id card of each object properties is it?

for recreating yes i do think so, the strategy diagram on page still will end up manually also not sure with the simpler/faster,  considering the diagram is huge

The case is not solved yet we are still figuring out for the best solution, but currently we preparing first as the backup and comparison to collect the linkages data since the business capability as center of object in this case.


by creating report template for example and other linkages need


will keep you posted and share the progress for this case.

Honored Contributor

@asephg Normally, I would think using "Compare and Align" would help you move the Enterprise object and its diagram to target repository.  But - in your case - the target repository is in a different Environment - which I'm pretty sure the Compare and Align tool does not support.

I was going to recommend trying to export all the data out of Environment A with the ITBM template, and then importing into Environment B.    But - before importing into Environment B - you would need to update the unique ID of the business capabilities to match the unique identifiers in Environment B (So you don't create duplicate Bus. Capability objects).

But - even if you did use ITBM Template to export/import the data - you wouldn't get the diagram. I think you'd have to recreate the diagram manually in Environment B.   But, at least the data linkages would be there - which might make recreating the strategy on a page diagram simpler/faster. Maybe?

Not sure this is much help, but Its the best I got.

Good luck and let us know how you've solved it.