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Application or Software Technology?

Dear all,I  always have huge debates on how to classify applications in general terms between “Applications” and “Software Technology”. (In ArchiMate, “Application Component” and “System Software”). The line between system software and application is...

Get started: Hexa - The Intelligent EA Assistant!

Who can use Hexa?Hexa is currently in its Beta phase and is being incrementally rolled out to a select group of users. This feature, in its beta version, is progressively becoming available to all customers and partners with active accounts in the ME...

ejaidan_0-1706624926608.png ejaidan_1-1706624926617.png

User Guide for Hexa

Welcome to Hexa, your intelligent AI assistant for HOPEX Aquila. This guide will provide you with key insights on how to interact effectively with Hexa to get the most out of your HOPEX experience. Hexa has been trained on the entirety of HOPEX docum...

HOPEX V4 - How to add a report with filters to the 360 portal.

Hello,I want to add a report containing a 'creation date' filter to the 360 portal. The version I am using is HOPEX V4 CP4. When I review the filter from the Hopex desktop, I am able to view and interact with it, but when I try to add it to the 360 p...

Ds4b by MEGA Partner
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Technical Metamodel in Quick Search

In the Process Functional Administrator and Process Manager profile, I have enabled the display of the technical metamodel in the quick search per the directions picture below.  The objects available in the quick search does not change.  Is there som...

ldace by Contributor
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Resolved! Deactivate temporarily data access rule

Hello,We have defined data access rules which manage writing and reading access.Is it possible to deactivate temporarily data access rule in order to update an object on which the user has no rights and then reactivate data access rule ?I thank you f...

MRenoud by Super Contributor
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change of status in risk campaign V4

cordial greetings communityI performed tests for the change of status in the evaluation campaign in the risk module in Hopex V4, initially the risk was created, then it was connected to an entity, later the risk assessor was assigned, then the campai...

Ds4b by MEGA Partner
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Resolved! Application Vendors

Hi all,Does anyone capture the vendor of an application?  If so, are you doing it via a custom field, or is there an out of the box solution?Currently, I can only see Application -> Technology -> Vendor.  We don't always want to go that path.Thanks!A...

Sketch Diagram

A new informal diagram has been introduced in HOPEX V2R1: Sketch. The purpose of these diagrams is to allow any HOPEX users to design some preliminary ideas, and reuse those sketches as support for further detailed modeling. Shapes can be linked to ...

Sketch Diagram.png
SarahMx by Administrator
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Facing Issue while Import from Excel

I am facing issues while importing from excel. stratenge is everytime, i get different message-1-File has not been uploaded2-You need to select import type as Excel etc.What is wrong in case of importing.PS:I have downloaded the template and populate...

vikas1608 by New Contributor
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Resolved! HAS Packages

Good morning dear community,I have the following question, when I want to import HAS packages in another development environment to production, how should this import be done.The HAS package is imported, then it is updated and must be compiled?Or aft...

Resolved! What is ER Local Data Store?

Hi,When editing Application object details, when logged in with IT Architect profile, under Internal components - we see following objectsER Local Data StorePhysical Local Data StoreWhat is ER Local Data Store? 


Application Data Store vs Physical Data Store

Hello,I am trying to understand the difference between these two types of data stores in HOPEX ITA module:Physical Data Store Application Data StoreFrom documentation, Physical Data Store is used in Structure Diagrams and Application Data Store in Sc...


VBScript which reads two databases

Hello,We work with HOPEX V4.00.07 HF8 (9.00.6307.6621)We have an environment "StandardSNCF" with two databases "ARESIS_MODELISATION" and "ARESIS_PUBLICATION"We want to write a script which will read the two databases and compare one metaattribute of ...

MRenoud by Super Contributor
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Case Portal is not working

I just get errors...Server Error in '/community' Application.A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (Description="...7d3669a : <Symbol not found>...").I wanted to inject an error message from HOPEX, but it is not poss...

varkonyib by Super Contributor
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HOPEX Aquila - Les nouveautés

FAQ   Quid de la lecture / reconnaissance automatique d'images, de schemas, pour transformation dans un metamodel cible ? UML, Archimate,... ? Cela fait partie des sujets en cours d'étude et de développement par notre équipe R&D. Le moteur de générat...

Process Map Filter in CIO Dashboard Hopex v4

Good morning dear Mega communityI have the following case, I would like to know if it is possible to make this adjustment:We are currently developing a portal for the risk module, where it is required to visualize from the heat map, a filter that can...

Resolved! Change from Graphical Entry to Tabular Entry

The attached screenshot shows how to create a new Customer Journey Map.  The user is presented with a choice of Edit Mode as Graphical or Tubular.  Once the Customer Journey Map diagram created using Graphical entry, is there a way to use Tabular ent...

ldace by Contributor
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Resolved! Difference between files with extension .MGR and .MGL

Good morning dear community, I have a question regarding the files or export extensions of MegaV5, could you tell me the difference between .MGR and .MGL, characteristics of each extension and when passing information which is better the .MGR or .MGL...

Error when compiling environment

Good afternoon dear Mega community, at this time I have a problem when I want to compile my environment, I get the following error described in the image belowIn the same way I leave described the error comment if you do not let them see the imageWar...

Error when compiling environment in Mega Hopex V5

Buenas tardes querida comunidad Mega, en este momento tengo un problema cuando quiero compilar mi entorno, me sale el siguiente error descrito en la imagen a continuaciónDe igual manera dejo descrito el comentario de error si no les dejas ver la imag...

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