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Modeling reverse proxies with HOPEX V5

Hi,We are currently trying to figure out how to create reverse proxies and link them to the relevant applications (and maybe  also position them on the application diagrams). I can't find a server type "reverse proxy", and in any case the link betwee...

ATomlin by Super Contributor
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Is anyone modelling Kafka Topics with HOPEX?

Hi HOPEX Community,Is anyone modelling Kafka topics with HOPEX?If so - what metaclass are you using to represent a topic?Also - on which diagram types are you showing your kafka topics?Application Structure?Application scenario of flows?other....

Resolved! Demo environment installation

Hello everyone,How to install the Hopex Dababase backup module  for a Demo environment on HOPEX V5 CP6 ?  

Fares by Super Contributor
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Creation wizard modes

I have created some UI Manager macros for various ListViews created by Queries implementing an alternate list.Originally, I wanted to use Wizard Mode = 0 for in-place creation, but it did not work with a MetaClass using mandatory attributes. It is st...

varkonyib by Super Contributor
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insert picture in Scenario of flows diagrams

Hi,Is there a way to insert picture in Scenario of flows diagrams ?This would allow :1/ to represent aside elements such as filer for instance.2/ to add icons downloaded from Internet and makes the diagram prettierToday, we can only deal with 10 pure...

Rapha13 by Contributor
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How to import Strategy on Page Diagram

Hi all,How is the best practice to import Strategy on page diagram from different Environment A to B (HOPEX V5).we created diagram in the different instance, there are two versions of business capability with the same data, the first is coming from A...

asephg by MEGA Partner
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Training courses

Hi there, I would like to clarify something. Are the training courses paid, or are there any free versions available?thanks, 

Hopex API

Hello,My colleague would like to programme an API in/for Hopex. However, he wants to do this in C++. He came across the following article in the documentation:   My colleague has implemented these steps and he can also find the file mg_mapp.dll via h...

wolflang by Senior Member
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Resolved! Send POST request to GraphQL API from Java Application

Hello,I have a problem with sending POST requests to GraphQL API from Java Application. For example, I want to get a list of applications filtered by name and I send a request with the next body:String query = "{\"query\":\"{application(filter:{name_...

rbaida by New Contributor
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Functionalities and Services

Hello,A Software Technology deliver Technical Functionalities.In the documentation we read A technical functionality is the ability to deliver a technical information, which is required by a technical artifact in order to function. This technical fun...


Report Creation Guideline for Assess Costs Analysis

Dear All HOPEX Expert around the world!I need to make a cost assessment report which is shown in the attached image for your reference. However, I still can't find the name of the report and a suitable guide for making the assess costs report. For in...

Mega JUEVES #30: Hopex 360

¡Hola Comunidad Mega!Durante este Webinar, @lcantu  y @ycarreno  hablamos de un componente muy interesante que ofrece Mega y que para cualquier organización será beneficioso a la hora de publicar la información en su intranet: Portal Hopex 360.Explic...

Resolved! Legacy Business Person in V2R1

Hello,There are 300,000 Business Persons in the repository (V2R1) which are required to be deleted.The following script is deleting roughly about 6000 Business Persons in a day.Is there any more efficient way to delete Business Persons than this?Scri...

AHassan by MEGA Partner
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Hopex V5 CP6 - History person system

Hi to all MEGA community, I don't know if someone had this case, sometimes we have users that lost them Profile , and the history of person system there is no information about that , the last information of history is an update by Mega Agent We have...

person system history.png
fmouaci by New Member
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Resolved! Connect Application to Portfolio

Hello,I'm facing the next problem. I have a list with applications and portfolios to which they should belong, so I want to create a new portfolio and make sure I connect a certain application to it. The problem is, that in Hopex there is an intermed...

rbaida by New Contributor
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Error When Trigger Workflow Translition in a VBS Macro

Hi,I have gotten an error when i triggered workflow transition in a vbs macro. I think WorkflowEngine.WorkflowTransitionTrigger method retuns empty value (Set workflowTransitionTrigger = oRoot.WorkflowEngine.workflowTransitionTrigger(mgobjWorkflowIns...


Secure Bill of Material (SBOM)

Hi, has anyone experience to share on Secure Bill of Material (SBOM) within Hopex?What are effective ways to model/represent it?How to import SBOM information that is linked to assets?How to create SBOM reports out of Hopex?Thanks in advancelg gio

Gio by New Contributor
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Some features not visible in V5 anymore

We have noticed that some features are not available anymore, in a standard installation, due to the change from private workspace to public workspace.Collaborative workspaces are not visible anymore, which means that working on changes over longer p...

hsoegaard by MEGA Partner
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Missing Authentication for Project Assessment

Hallo HOPEX Expert around the World!I want to Assess the Project that already entered into HOPEX on the Projects using the ITPM Functional Administrator, but after I clicked the (+) New Assessment in the Project Assessment Menu, the Invalid Authentic...

Resolved! Hopex V5 - create more then 1 environment

Hi There,I tried create a new environment in Administration tool, but I get pop up, that I need to unreferenced already  existing one.Is it possible to have more then 1 environment in Hopex V5? As in Hopex V4 it was possible to have multiply of envir...

JDH by Super Contributor
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