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Resolved! MetaAttributes to be defined as duration

Does anyone know how the "Duration" format should be used?How can I convert from Short to Long?It seems that in this case the duration is expressed in seconds and short would easily overflow. However, I would like to convert the existing MetaAttribut...

varkonyib by Super Contributor
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Can HOPEX create time series graphs?

Hello HOPEX community,Often, EAs are interested in tracking portfolio metrics over time.  For example, Number of Business capability fulfilments or # of expired technologies.Can HOPEX create reports that track defined data over time ?I did not find a...

Resolved! Wizard - disable OK button on 1st page

Hi There,I created 2 page wizard and I am trying to disable the OK button on the first page , but unfortunately I am not successful (I tried use WizPageCheck)In macro I am using OnWizInitialize where set some attributesOnWizTerminate  - calculations ...

JDH by Contributor
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Continuity of the EA Project module

I noticed that in Aquila the presence of the EA Project functionality. Searching for a little more information about this functionality, I didn't find any example or attention explaining or exemplifying this module, which seems very important to me. ...

Resolved! Blank Front-End Web Page and HAS Console

Hi, I'm finishing setting up Hopex V5, (it's a new installation), the problem is that I have configured the public address using SSL in IIS and upload the certificate, however, when I enter the HAS Console and the Web Front-End shows me a blank scree...

Resolved! How to add color zones to a gauge report?

Hello Mega community,Is anyone aware how to add color zones to the gauge reports, as described on this picture?The gauge report was created from a query that I created by selecting the query and then selecting Documentation >> Gauge Report option. 


Resolved! Exporting / Importing Risk Owner

Hi All,I am new to HOPEX and starting to use the IRM functionality.  The question I have is around creating an import template (using the export functionality) that includes the Risk Owner.  It doesn't seem to be in the standard list of attributes av...

julianb by New Member
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HOPEX Aquila - Enterprise Architecture

Concerning the New HOPEX features, are there any additional features instead for Application Portfolio Management? Beyond the UX improvements, HOPEX Aquila provides new functional features that will accelerate APM practices. The main ones will be: AI...

KPI Calculation

We want to calculate an attribute using the formula which is given in another attribute. For each object the formula will be different. Any clues how to implement?

Resolved! Static Website Content Generation

Hi, "Static Website Content" generation has been set up as explained on the link below:https://store.mega.com/modules/details/website.static.navigator.bundle?prerelease=False What is the procedure to the generate the website in future - do we need to...

AHassan by MEGA Partner
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Resolved! Hide title from diagram describing an object box

Hello, We would like to hide or not display the title of the gray box when using the "Display diagram describing the object" feature.   It seems redundant (same as) with the title of the green box inside. See  picture below for details. Is it possibl...


Accessing global application flow maps in Hopex V5

Hi,How can I access the list of global application flow maps in Hopex V5 ?In Hopex V4 documentation I have: To access the list of global application flow maps using the Application Architecture navigation pane:  Select Functionality Architecture > Gl...

CERO by Contributor
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What triggers Undo/Redo menu to be cleared?

Hello,HOPEX has the sometimes very handy Undo/Redo menu options.However, a lot of the time - our users report that the Undo/Redo history is "cleared" even while they're logged in and working on diagrams.Reading the documentation (Common Features - Un...


Resolved! SQL 22 supported?

Hi community, Quick questions. I would like to migrate our SQL version, from SQL 16 to SQL 22, SQL 22 it is supported by hopex v4?Also, I would like to migrate our OS, from windows SQL 16 to windows SQL 22. Are these 2 version supported by hopex v4? ...

RNS by MEGA Partner
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Resolved! Modelling System Integration Middleware

Hello HOPEX community,Curious on best practices to model system integration middleware.   For example, Message middleware (MQ queue)File transfer middleware (ie. TIBCO Mailbox)Events middleware (i.e. Kafka topic)In an Scenario of Application Environm...

Creating Custom schema

Hi, We were following the steps provided in this link https://community.mega.com/t5/REST-API/Create-custom-schema-SDL-JSON-custom-endpoint/td-p/24218 to generate custom schema. we recently migrated to v5. Is there anything new we need to add to the s...

MWAS, please help me fix it so that the api works

I am sending a short extract from the logcolleagues will wait for your answer, management is already angry , Version:{"MacrosID":"DEF5E0DB621035","Class":"Application","Verb":"Read","DaysInterval":"1000"}Res...

Alex_NN1 by Contributor
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MEGA Jueves #28: TOGAF 10

¡Hola Comunidad Mega!En este Webinar, @lcantu  y @ycarreno hablamos sobre un tema muy importante para optimizar la estrategia de negocio, alinear los objetivos de TI con los objetivos comerciales y adquirir una Arquitectura Empresarial coherente: TOG...

lcantu by MEGA
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Application System Gantt Chart in HOPEX v5

Hi All HOPEX ExpertI've a need to Input the Gantt Chart (Object Life) in Application System Object and I use the IT Architecture Profile, but I can't find how to Input the Object Life just finding the Object Life Column with can't edited Mode. Is the...

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