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Change the HOPEX Icon and Default Background in HOPEX

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Dear All HOPEX Expert around the World,

My client has a need to change the HOPEX icon on every page and also the background image which is the default setting of HOPEX to an image that suits my client's needs. Is there any guide that can be shared for this need? as of now I just to try the change in shadow Files image based on Root folder

Your response and suggestion on this, are highly appreciated

Looking forward to receiving any brilliant ideas on this,

Warm regards,

Ery Eryanto

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You need to create a package on Dev environment and deploy the package on Test/Prod:

For Website:
Replace the below file with your required background file but keeping the same name and generate the website.


Below example is for Process Manager profile - not recommended to change the default profile but below change is for information only:

Create a new MetaPicture with your required background and replace here:




HOPEX Background (AS-IS):

Background Image (AS-IS).png

HOPEX Background (TO-BE):

Background Image (TO-BE).png


EA Portal Background (AS-IS).jpg


EA Portal Background (TO-BE).jpg


Hi Sir @AHassan 

Thank you very much for your kind response, apologies for the delay response to your reply, Understood and Noted about the Step by Step, actually me and My Team already did for those steps. Maybe for the detailed expectation about this matter, I attach some pictures for your references about the Background Image and EA Portal Dashboard from AS IS and TO BE Condition. 

FYI, the As IS referred to vanilla/standardized Picture from HOPEX and as for the TO BE is referred to Me and My Team expectation about the Background Change Image

Hopefully, this reply post and picture attached can help you to provide some brilliant ideas and helpful steps, Many thanks for your cooperation on this, Sir @AHassan 

Warm regards,

Ery Eryanto

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


I am not sure what is meant by changing icon on every page but you can change the background on the login page by using one of the samples provided or using your own image with same format as below:

You need to create a package to transfer the changes on the Production or Test sever instances.