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Floated (Concurrent) License

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If i have 1 Floated (Concurrent) License and 5 users who have different profiles, well this works fine if only one user use the system at a time?



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For the point 1, you need to check with your MEGA Account Manager.

For the point 2: the answer is both yes and no - it depends which type of license, you are going to use on which profile - not all licenses work on all profiles - each profile has its own logic + set of permissions to show objects.

Just adding the module/product to the command line of the profile, not always works as you would have expected.

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i have more Questions:

1 - Could i convert dedicated mode licenses to  concurrent mode?

2 - If I already implemented Mega hopex that mean, I can use any module by using the existing license but I need to configure the module and the profiles then assign the profiles to the user then start using the module, is this correct? 

Yes, only one user can login at a time, no matter what profile users are using (if the comment line of the profile has that product for which you have 1 license e.g. HBPA or HITA etc.).

There is more information about the licenses on this link:

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Still, i have some confusing.

if i have different profiles and each profile for different module. and each profile assign to one user of 5 users.

all 5 users can use one concurrent license  but not in same time.

is there any document could explain license schemas.



Correct. If you have one license the first user to connect will be able to use Hopex and the next one will need to wait until the prior one has released the license token before being able to use the solution. Only one user can work at a time in your configuration. If several people need to work at the same time you may need to contemplate buying extra licenses (as many as the max number of people who may work simultaneously)