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HOPEX V5 - Navigation problem with circle menu & mouse clicks


Hello all,

We notice navigation problem with circle menu any idea to solve it? Here are main observations:

*Impact also the navigation in Diagrams in Vie mode by click/double click

*Circle menu appears randomly on any kind of diagram nature

*Not depends to the screen size

*Not depends to the explorer type (same issue on Chrome, Edge, Mozilla)

*Circle menu navigation seems to not be aligned with its position on the diagram, that’s why:

  • It’s open the diagram of the wrong object but displayed on the diagram
  • Sometime the drill down arrow is inactive while there is a diagram describing the selected object Mahdi_0-1709895702943.png


    FYI @TDucher @PBugnet 
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We will install latest hotfixes and hope this will solve the problem.


Haha, seems our replies overlapped 😁

Technically, Hotfix 03 delivered the official correction but, applying Hotfix 08 would be best.


Hi TDucher,

Based on our Knowledgebase article, specifically, Fix Number 97699, it should be addressed with the deployment of Hotfix (HF)08 on V5 CP7. Technically, it was delivered at Hotifx (HF) 03 for V5 CP7 but applying the latest should address the issue and more.


I hope that helps 😊

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Which CP and Hotfix has to be installed to fix the problem ? 

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Are you sure problem is fixed in last CP ?

We  are in


I wonder how other clients can use the HOPEX modeler with those kinds of so impacting  kinds of malfunctions ?

Any comments or help are welcomed.




This sounds like an issue we addressed with later versions (CP7, including latest Hotfix) of V5. Which version are you at, including CP?

If you're at V5 and it isn't too much trouble, patching to the latest should address this behavior.

I hope that helps.