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HOPEX Aquila - Enterprise Architecture

Concerning the New HOPEX features, are there any additional features instead for Application Portfolio Management? Beyond the UX improvements, HOPEX Aquila provides new functional features that will accelerate APM practices. The main ones will be: AI...

HOPEX Aquila – Common features

What features are available regarding validation? Eg, workflows to have junior staff uploading and filling in data, and senior staff approving before publishing HOPEX provides out-of-the-box workflow, for each solution BPA, GRC, EA... Workflow can be...

HOPEX Aquila - Upgrading

Is the new interface granted to all current users? or does it require a change of contract? At no cost and without any contractual modifications, you can seamlessly migrate your existing HOPEX platform to HOPEX Aquila.   How would it go with the curr...

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HOPEX Aquila - Business Process Analysis

Any roadmap update [Dates] on being able to model processes using ChatGPT? We're thrilled to inform you that we're in the final phase of developing this exciting new feature. We're making significant progress and anticipate having a client-ready vers...

HOPEX Aquila - Archimate

Will ArchiMate 3.2 be available with that version? The update to Archimate 3.2 is planned for 2024, not for the HOPEX Aquila release.   Can we import Archimate files? Archimate 3.1 is still supported with HOPEX Aquila and HOPEX V5, including Archi im...

HOPEX Aquila – Installation and deployment

Will HOPEX Aquila be available on-premises?  While most of our new customers are currently choosing SaaS, it's important to clarify that our existing customers will always have the option to continue using our on-premises solutions in the future. We ...