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Sketch Diagram

A new informal diagram has been introduced in HOPEX V2R1: Sketch. The purpose of these diagrams is to allow any HOPEX users to design some preliminary ideas, and reuse those sketches as support for further detailed modeling. Shapes can be linked to ...

Sketch Diagram.png
SarahMx by Administrator
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Resolved! Application Scenario Diagrams

  Scenario diagrams enable application architects to depict the same application in multiple contexts or scenarios. With these diagrams, application interfaces are described in a simple manner by representing all flows between applications. To simpl...

Application Scenario Diagrams.png
SarahMx by Administrator
  • 11 replies
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Resolved! ITPM Metamodel subset

This Metamodel diagrams shows the main MetaClass and MetaAssociation for the ITPM solution M 

ITPM (web service extract).png

HOPEX Information Architecture (1/3)

  Business Information Map New information maps are provided to describe referenced Data Domains used in enterprise transformation stages. Here a data domain pointing to another domain. 

HOPEX Information Architecture.png
SarahMx by Administrator
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  Reporting capabilities of HOPEX have been enhanced to include Dendograms. They allow users to represent a graph/tree of connected objects.

SarahMx by Administrator
  • 2 replies
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Business Strategy Diagram

  A new strategy diagram is available to provide an enhanced compliance to the Business Motivation Model standard (means supported ends, ends & means refinement, including objectives refinement).

business strategy Diagram.png
SarahMx by Administrator
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