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Profile and Class Metamodel - Aquila

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


In our pre-sales it is very common to present how Hopex supports the use of C4 (Context, Container, Component and Code) and in this sense the Architecture Manager, that is, the Enterprise Architecture profile needs to have this visibility. I don't understand the operational logic of removing the Application System class from the Enterprise Architecture profile and leaving it only in Solution Architecture. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advanced.

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Ah.  now I see.

Yes, this is unfortunate default setting,

Probably something that should be enabled by default for EA profile.

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Thanks a lot for your attention and support.

The major point was the configure the options ... By default this option isn't market





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@jsjimenez_br Enterprise Architect in Aquila CAN see and work with Application System metaclass.  But, the new UX is different and confusing on first try. 

See my screenshots below that shows how you can see a list of existing Application Systems and how to create new Application Systems as Enterprise Architect in Aquila.




Hi jsjimenez_br,

I just wanted to confirm with your question. Are you saying that when you logged in with Enterprise Architect profile in Aquila, you cannot see or search for Application System metaclass?