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Hardware Capability Map Diagram


HI All, 


Im still very new to hopex and finding my feet,  can anybody share any example hardware capability maps please?  so I can visualise what they are for?

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This kind of capability map refers to the specific features or functionalities that a hardware component possesses.

Each domain has its own hardware capabilities. Few examples:

  • Electrical domain: signal amplification, filter, regulator...
  • Mechanical domain: quantity measure (temperature, pression, distance...) etc.
  • Automotive domain: ABS, ESC, Cruise control ...
  • ...


Honored Contributor

@ellisonai I believe you're referring to a Hardware Functionality Map  object in HOPEX.

There is no real example in documentation or in the community to share with you.

You can create it just by creating a new Hardware Functionality Map and then populating different levels of functionality.

Are you looking for some kind of "sample" map ?

Again, in our organization, we don't go to Hardware layer.      We have a Technical Functionality map - which describes the capabilities of Software Technologies.   But we stop at that level.   

Hope this helps a bit.