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Bulk Export Diagrams to PowerPoint for an Application System

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Hello Mega Community,

In HOPEX V5, for an Application System (might work for other objects), there is an "Export Diagrams to PowerPoint" option from the right-click menu.  See screenshot below.

Does same functionality exist in Aquila ?  I am not able to find it or find it documented in Aquila docs.

HOPEX Export Diagrams to PowerPoint.png

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You can export any kind of diagram but few things to know:

  • The menu is proposed only if there is a diagram describing the current building block.
  • The menu will propose only diagrams directly linked to this building block and not the one reachable via "shortcut" (unlike the diagram creation wizard, which offers these shortcuts)

This is why you only see structure diagram (directly describing the current object) and not the scenarios of flows which describe a scenario of flows linked to the current object, or even further for "external flows" (where the path is "Software" BB -> Environment -> Scenario of flows -> DIagram).

Main paths are :

Object -> Diagram
Object -> Scenario of flows -> Diagram
Object -> Environment -> Scenario of flows -> Diagram
Object -> Deployment Architecture -> Diagram

Note : a future evolution will allow to "import" several diagrams into a sketching to work freely on them without impacting the source diagrams (and the "formal" repository).


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The functionality IS there in Aquila.   I needed to press "Save" in the main menu for HOPEX to show the option.

However, why doesn't this functionality show me any "Scenario" or "Deployment" diagrams? 

It seems that both in V5 and in Aquila - this functionality is only able to export "Structure" diagrams.   But, the GUI makes it seem like you can select any diagram "Nature" you want to export. See screenshot.

This would be a very powerful functionality to show our users.  But, if its limited to "Structure" diagrams, it is not as useful.

Appreciate any help.

Aquila - HOPEX Export Diagrams to PowerPoint.png