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Find the Community information you need. Set up your profile, review the guidelines, find tips & tri...

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MEGA Community Single Sign-On (SSO) & Registration

If you're a MEGA HOPEX customer and want to know more about how SSO will affect your access to the MEGA Community, the HOPEX Store, or our e-learning site, please read the FAQ below.    Shortcut How can new MEGA Community users register for the Com...

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SarahMx by Administrator
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Register to the MEGA Community

How can you register? 1- Click on the “Join Now” or "Sign In" button and fill the form. Be sure to register with a professional email address if you have one.      2-   You will receive a confirmation email with a link to verify your email address. ...

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SarahMx by Administrator
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Introduce yourself

Our team shared a bit about themselves (Meet the MEGA Community Team) and now it's your turn! Some of you have been part of the MEGA Community for years, and some of you may be new, we'd love to get to know you, too! Reply in this thread and let us k...

SarahMx by Administrator
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Ideas | Submission Guidelines

Remember to search for existing ideas. Search the community before submitting a new idea. You might not be the only one with this idea and it would be a shame if you took time to write something that has already been submitted or already has an answe...

SarahMx by Administrator
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Ideas | Status definitions and process

All ideas that accumulate 10 votes – from people in different organization, will be reviewed monthly. Each idea will be reviewed and defined a different status at each milestone.   Following is an explanation of all different statuses: New – Brand ne...

SarahMx by Administrator
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How to subscribe to a blog/forum

Sign-up for the Community   To contribute to the MEGA Community, you’ll have to register first. Click the "Join now" button on the home page to register. You’ll then be directed to the user registration form.Or click on “sign in” to open the followi...

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SarahMx by Administrator
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Get Started with the MEGA Community!

Whether you’re new to the community or are a long-time user, we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the MEGA Community. Hopefully, this guide will help you become a MEGA community expert!   1. Get around with our community guidelin...

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MEGA Community Guidelines

At MEGA international, we want a productive, enthusiastic, and agile community … where people will appreciate new ideas in the complex enterprise architecture field and foster collaboration between individuals with different needs, interests, and ski...

rank-employee-small.png Community Guidelines.png
SarahMx by Administrator
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