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Get Certified

Learn at your own pace with an easy-to-use e-learning program. Quick-start your projects and become ...

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HOPEX Course Catalog

The MEGA Learning Center enables users’ empowerment through training courses, e-learning modules and...

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F.A.Q. Training

Find all the answers to all your questions related to e-learning.

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Activity in Training

ITPM Training - Take a break! Create Application inventory

Take a few minutes to think about how you would create an inventory of the applications used in your organization. Where would you start? Who would you work with? What kind of information would be harder to get? How will HOPEX help you manage these ...

Claire by MEGA
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HOPEX Practitioner Certification

I have passed a quiz, where can I find my certificate? Each time you pass a certification quiz, you will receive your PDF certificate by email. You can also find it directly in the course, or in your profile settings in iSpring.   I have failed a qui...

zfarge by Retired
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Need help?

I am enrolled in an e-learning course, who is my point of contact? Your point of contact can be your local Training Coordinator or Account Manager. You can find the list of the local Training Coordinators with their email contact in the Knowledge Bas...

zfarge by Retired
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End an e-learning course

What happens when my e-learning course ends? Your iSpring account will be deactivated and your HOPEX Training Instance will no longer be accessible (all data will be removed from our servers).   Can I ask for a delay? If you need more time to complet...

zfarge by Retired
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Access your HOPEX Training Instance

How do I log into my HOPEX Training Instance? Please always use the link provided in the email you received before the session starts. Connect to the HOPEX Store and launch HOPEX (this step can take a few minutes). After 4 hours of inactivity, your H...

zfarge by Retired
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Start an e-learning course

How does an e-learning course works? We provide you access to our e-learning platform iSpring Learn and a decidated HOPEX Training Instance (virtual machine).You can complete the course at your own pace within the 30-days allocated.At the end of the ...

zfarge by Retired
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Welcome to our Learning Center!

Our Learning Center is dedicated to helping our product users grow and achieve their goals. Whether you're looking to advance your knowledge of HOPEX, we have a variety of classes and programs designed to meet your needs.

We encourage you to explore our course offerings and take advantage of the forum to ask questions regarding the training.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and reach new heights!