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Blog EN - Business & IT Transformation

Read expert views on the newest business and IT transformation trends.

Everything you need to know about business capabilities

Business capabilities, Business capability map & Model.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

At a time when the digitization of the business has accelerated, when every business project is an IT project, there’s pressure on IT to enable and support business transformation. By defining what the organization does, business capabilities are a key concept that allows business and IT teams to speak the same language.

Paul Estrach MEGA
7 October 2021 - updated on 8 October 2021

How will Artificial Intelligence boost Enterprise Architecture?

How will Artificial Intelligence boosts Enterprise Architecture.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically Deep Learning technology, has the potential to disrupt the way businesses operate. Enterprise Architecture, an approach for managing the continuous transformation of companies, is starting to integrate this technology. How? Here are some insights.

Ludovic Relandeau MEGA
23 September 2021

How Spar Nord Bank built a business architecture to handle risk and compliance

How Spar Nord Bank built a business architecture to handle risk and compliance.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

In 2012, Spar Nord’s processes were documented in several different places, and with many gaps in documentation. Processes were localised within different business departments, and even within individual teams. This made it impossible for management to see a clear, high-level view of the bank’s processes, and their interdependencies. It also made it difficult to maintain. 

Ben Beeching MEGA
10 September 2021

EA Repository : Using discovery to save time and increase quality

EA Repository Using discovery to save time and increase quality.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

The post-pandemic recovery is underway. According to McKinsey, 75% of North American and European executives expect increased investment in new technologies through 2024. As organizations invest more in digitization, decision-making must be based on quality data and information that is readily accessible. Enterprise data quality is rooted in a strong and well-maintained Enterprise Architecture (EA) repository that uses discovery to save time and increase quality.

Laurie Kelly MEGA
29 July 2021 - updated on 25 August 2021

How to improve business processes using process mining

How to improve business processes using process mining.jpg
Business Process

Enterprises rely on processes, like chefs rely on recipes. However, no matter how much detail is provided, humans are not robots and processes do not guarantee instructions are carried out accurately and consistently. Processes, like recipes, are not static either. They evolve over time as suppliers or regulations change. Quickly, processes can fade or alter, which can leave an organization at risk. It is therefore essential to put some guardrails around processes and to check the health of these processes. Efficiency and effectiveness depend on processes, and they need to be updated consistently to ensure operationalization.

Robert Raiola MEGA
15 July 2021

Improving cybersecurity through Compliance and Security Architecture

Improving cybersecurity through Compliance and Security Architecture.jpg
Risk Management

Organizations have been facing numerous external cyber threats lately, not to mention coping with the consequences of an uncharted global pandemic. All this turmoil has bolstered or hurried the global move towards digitalization. In this context, compliance and risk management are not often the angle from which organizations consider their IT security. Yet, those are fundamental components for managing risks holistically.

Cyril Amblard MEGA
29 June 2021 - updated on 15 September 2021