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Read expert views on the newest business and IT transformation trends.

How Enterprise Architecture enabled the Airbus Business Transformation

How Enterprise Architecture enabled the Airbus Business Transformation.png
Enterprise Architecture

The goal of the Airbus business transformation has been to use Enterprise Architecture (EA) to understand the bigger picture across its organization as it develops its ‘Digital Aeroplane of the Future’.

During a presentation at the IRM Business Transformation Conference, MEGA International COO Luca de Risi outlined how Airbus has used EA to break down silos across the company, transform its culture, while increasing agility and resilience.

Ben Beeching MEGA
1 June 2022 - updated on 3 June 2022

Data governance: the 7 challenges of an innovation machine

Data governance the 7 challenges of an innovation machine.jpg
Data Governance

Considered as a source of innovation and added value, data is an element that is still difficult to value in companies, despite a growing awareness and numerous initiatives in recent years. In fact, sharing data in organizations is not something that can be decreed, but rather suggested and encouraged, so that businesses play along. The reasons to share data are simple: regulatory compliance is mandatory for all players, but it is above all innovation that enables performance gains and growth potential. However, the process remains complex, with major challenges to overcome in terms of data governance.

Frédéric Fourquet MEGA
11 May 2022 - updated on 24 May 2022

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

What is Business Process Management (BPM).jpg
Business Process

Business Process Management (BPM) is critical for understanding how your company delivers products or services. It is a great way to identify possible improvements or detect compliance issues. No matter the size of your business, BPM can help improve your business efficiency. This guide will help you understand what business process management is, why it matters and how it can be successfully adopted in your company.

Robert Raiola MEGA
27 April 2022 - updated on 29 April 2022

How digital HR helps organizations refocus on people

How digital HR helps organizations refocus on people.jpg

Dehumanization is one of the most common pitfalls of digitization. In Human Resources, the main value that digitalization brings is time savings that mean HR teams can refocus on their core business: people.

karima chauvalon MEGA
1 April 2022

Better support transformation thanks to a connected enterprise architecture

Better support transformation thanks to a connected enterprise architecture.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

Organizations must regularly face all kinds of events and disruptions: crises, changing technologies, regulations, business opportunities ... To remain competitive in such an uncertain environment, future-proof organizations need to be agile and resilient. They must adapt faster and plan their changes over time. These changes may be driven by innovation, regulatory compliance, or improvement of existing practices in an operational excellence approach.

Paul Estrach MEGA
25 February 2022 - updated on 18 March 2022

Move from technical to strategic data governance

Move from technical to strategic data governance.jpg
Data Governance

Digitization has placed data at the heart of organizations' initiatives, both for operational and strategic needs. As companies capture massive amounts of data and deal with big data environments, they must maximize their value, manage risk and reduce costs using a sharp data governance policy and strategy.

Frédéric Fourquet MEGA
17 January 2022