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Shadow IT and Shadow SaaS: challenging new threats

The development of Shadow IT in companies  Shadow IT is the part of IT in a company that is carried out outside the control of your IT Department. Free from the constraints and budget of CIOs, the dev...


Digitization of the Public Sector in Asia Pacific

Digitization is necessary to transform the government and public sector Government bodies globally have shifted rapidly to embark on digital transformation projects since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, fo...


Business continuity plans are vital for companies

Corporate globalization: multidimensional and interconnected risks In just a few years, faced with an increasingly digitized and globalized economy accustomed to a certain immediacy, operational resil...


How digital HR helps organizations refocus on people

Human resources management, regulations, and digital transformation In recent years, the HR function has changed dramatically. Additional legal obligations, regulations, and other standards have great...