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Blog EN - Business & IT Transformation

Read expert views on the newest business and IT transformation trends.

Manage Emerging Technologies with Enterprise Architecture

Manage Emerging Technologies with Enterprise Architecture.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

Successful companies are the ones that integrate emerging technologies into their business landscape faster than their competitors and build profitable business ecosystems based on these technologies. The impact of emerging technologies is so important that companies need to be ahead of the technologies that one day will become mainstream. In that context, enterprise architects are at the forefront to spot new technology trends, but also understand and analyze the impact of emerging technologies. They can align innovation efforts with the business strategy, make strategic recommendations, assess business opportunities, and provide visibility into the impact on IT systems.

gabrielgomane MEGA
26 May 2020

The five benefits of moving to the cloud

The 5 benefits of mobing to the Cloud.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

Over the last decade, cloud computing has steadily improved while the number of cloud providers and solutions has grown dramatically. Organizations are adopting the cloud into their infrastructure at an increasing pace as business leaders recognize the many benefits of cloud computing. This includes  software cost transparency, remote work, and advanced security.

gabrielgomane MEGA
25 May 2020

Survive and thrive: Architecting for resiliency and business continuity

Survive and thrive Architecting for resiliency and business continuity.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

Companies need real-time access to review and adjust IT roadmaps and business capability maps, establish safe mode operating models, and provide guardrails to Agile teams that are working on projects to propel the company out of a crisis. Companies can use this 4-step process to architect for resiliency and enable business continuity.

LaurieKelly MEGA
14 May 2020

How top performers balance innovation while “keeping the lights on”

How to performers balance innovation while keeping the lights on.jpg
Enterprise Architecture

With each passing year, the competition gets tougher and resources are stretched thinner.  This creates many challenges, especially for IT as they strive to balance innovation with day-to-day maintenance tasks. As technical and business processes continue to intertwine the problem grows in complexity every day.  Companies that work to align IT with the business and create an enterprise view can develop a key competitive advantage


nhatfield MEGA
12 May 2020

Why Business Processes are Critical to Ensure Compliance

Why Business Processes are Critical to Ensure Compliance.jpg
Risk Management

In today’s modern and chaotic business world, organizations are increasingly under pressure to maintain regulatory compliance and meet requirements and obligations. Not only is an organizations reputation potentially at stake, but in many cases, it is necessary to avoid potential charges and fines levied against the organization. In our globalized and intricate environment, the growing amount of legislation and regulation make it difficult for organizations to stay up to date with compliance requirements and their impact on business processes.

rraiola MEGA
7 May 2020

MEGA Community News | Schedule Release appears in case resolution

MEGA Community News Support.jpg

Take a moment to find out what's new in the support section for your support users!

  • Improvement in the Support Center
  • Active support in our HOPEX forums
François Administrator
5 May 2020