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Blog EN - Business & IT Transformation
Read expert views on the newest business and IT transformation trends.
Artificial Intelligence from sci-fi to business.png
Digital Transformation

AI: Going from sci-fi to business value requires some groundwork

AI might be hot right now, but your organization is going to have to do some groundwork first if you want to deliver value to the business. AI can advance digital transformation but before you jump all in, some initial prep and research will pay off and lead to greater long-term success. 

3 weeks ago
5 steps customer journey mapping.png
Business Transformation

5 steps to build a business case for customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is crucial to helping your company improve the customer experience and building brand loyalty. Now to argue for it.

4 weeks ago
Community News.png

MEGA Community News | August 2018

Take a moment to find out what's new in the MEGA Community 3.0!

This week, we are proud to reveal an updated community experience with a different navigation, a punchy change in design, and more ways for you to connect with fellow HOPEX users.

a month ago
Digital Transformation

Building a world-class transformation strategy: Racing to excellence this summer

It’s summertime and for some that might mean lazy days by the water sipping a margarita, but for business leaders and innovators, the race to operational excellence doesn’t take a vacation. There’s a digital revolution going on right now and it’s time to join the movement or risk obsolescence. With so many disruptive trends constantly emerging, business leaders are facing a wide variety of issues and are under relentless pressure to stay ahead of the game. Success today requires continuous IT and business transformation, where everyone is consistently working toward increasing operational excellence, and becoming increasingly agile and innovative.

17 August 2018
operational risks after an earthquake.jpg
Risk Management

How to protect your organization against operational risks after an earthquake

We all know natural phenomena’s, such as earthquakes, seismic activities, floods and hurricanes, are events that are unpreventable and out of our control.  Just as we are affected by those incidents, so are organizations. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to face those events as best as we can whilst trying to minimize their operational impact as much as possible. This is not unlike what Mexico City had to do in September 2017 when the city and its inhabitants went through one of the worst natural disaster to ever strike the country. Bizarrely, this occurrence coincided with the 32nd anniversary of the strongest earthquake in Mexican history.

2 August 2018
How Enterprise Architecture can help the US Government.png
Digital Transformation

How the blades of enterprise architecture can cut through the red tape of the US Government

Government activity and red tape go together like peanut butter and allergies (… you thought I was going to say jelly, didn’t you?) It all starts with positive expectations and good will, but sometimes a negative element develops along the way. Today’s government agencies must comply with numerous technology-focused regulations and legislation. While these regulations are put in place with the best intentions, meeting these requirements can often feel daunting and burdensome despite their potential to deliver positive outcomes.

26 July 2018