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MEGA Community Guidelines


At MEGA international, we want a productive, enthusiastic, and agile community … where people will appreciate new ideas in the complex enterprise architecture field and foster collaboration between individuals with different needs, interests, and skills.
While our Community was designed with MEGA customers in mind, we welcome everyone interested in enterprise architecture to share their insights.

The objective of the Community Guidelines is to explain the proper use and the behavior we expect on our Community members. We want to ensure that the Community remains a valuable channel and provides a positive platform for exchange. Please remember that your use of this Community is subject to these guidelines, our Terms of Services & Privacy Policy.


  1. Be Respectful

    Be respectful and courteous of others. Respect individuals by keeping your tone positive and your comments productive. A community where people don’t feel free to ask a question or answer peers is not a beneficial one.

  2. Research your question before posting

    Many questions may have been answered, so use the search bar first. If you can’t find an answer, please start your own topic (one question at a time), explaining your issue/question.

  3. Be relevant & moderate your content

    Make sure your contributions are relevant to the mission of the Community, and to the specific discussion style and topic where you post. Please do not duplicate messages in different areas of the community. If you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupt a conversation.
    All content is moderated by our and our safety filters. If your content doesn’t follow the Community guidelines, we’ll moderate your account and send you a warning.

  4. Thankful others

    Thank those who have helped or inspired you. If you find a contribution helpful, please give it “likes”, marking it as an accepted solution, or posting a reply to show appreciation. Likes and solutions will help boost the value of contributions, making them easier for others to discover. It will also enhance the reputation of their authors.

  5. Keep your word - Confidentiality Agreement

    If you are obligated by a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement, don’t post information that would violate it. These agreements may pertain to copyright, trade secrets, patent information, employee confidentiality, and more.

  6. Protect your privacy and that of others

    Be careful not to share anything, about yourself, your company, or people you know that you wouldn’t want everyone else to know. Don’t post personal information – your own or anyone else’s – including contact information or any content that you received from someone else without the author’s consent.

  7. Remember this is user-generated content

    You'll find plenty of good advice here, but remember that your situation, configuration, or implementation may vary from that of an individual sharing a solution. Some advice you find here may even be wrong. Apply the same good judgment here that you would apply to information anywhere on the Internet.

  8. No promotion or spamming

    If it’s relevant to the conversation, please share information about products and services you love. But don’t use the MEGA Community to prospect or advertise. If you have something you want members to join, participate in, or buy, ask us first. Any member who violates this policy and refuses to comply will be banned from the Community.

  9. Unacceptable posts

    Please be advised that the following are not acceptable in the MEGA Community:

    • Illegal or offensive posts
    • Harassment
    • Posting harmful or inaccurate information
    • Policy breaches offenses based on sex, age, race, location, religion, cultural background, or any other criteria
    • References to illegal or restricted items
    • Solicitations
    • Multiple postings: don’t flood message boards with the same posts
  10. Moderator Rights

    MEGA reserves the right of its moderators to edit, move, block or remove discussions, signatures or images that they consider inappropriate or disturbing to our Community. We may also ban any member at our sole discretion. We will always communicate with you via private message to provide coaching or inform you of a decision. We ask that you do the same if you need to comment on a moderation action so that you do not disrupt the rest of the Community. Don’t hesitate to send us a private message or flag a moderator.

    If you notice users breaching guidelines, feel free to offer them guidance. If you see specific cases of abuse, rudeness, or other violations, please flag them to the Community team by choosing "Report Inappropriate Content" from the Message Options menu and let us know why you feel the content is inappropriate

    By using these forums, you agree to follow these rules, as well as the full Terms of Services for the MEGA Community. We thank you, and your fellow community members thank you.

The MEGA Logo & MEGA Employee

You will notice that some community members have a MEGA logo rank-employee-small.png next to their names. This means they are MEGA employees. Like you, they are members of the Community, and we encourage them to share their knowledge and opinions here.


If you have questions that cannot be discussed in the community, please email us at

We will be happy to help!

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