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Ideas | Status definitions and process


All ideas that accumulate 10 votes – from people in different organization, will be reviewed monthly. Each idea will be reviewed and defined a different status at each milestone.


Following is an explanation of all different statuses:

New – Brand new ideas, submitted by you, are ready to be voted on by the rest of the community.

Needs Info (Comments Requested) – a new idea might need clarification or additional feedback to help us gauge its customer impact. Ideas with this status will be open to the community for votes and constructive comments to help us make a better decision. We’ll give everyone a few weeks to pipe in, before moving the idea forward or providing another resolution.

Investigating (Under Investigation) – once the community has had a chance to comment and vote, some ideas will need a deeper dive to determine market fit and initial technical scoping. Items may be in this status for a couple weeks, and we will endeavor to get back to the community with a definitive answer as quickly as possible.

Accepted – not only has your idea been vetted by the community and the MEGA product team, but we’ve also slotted a forthcoming release for it. Look for it soon!

Delivered – The idea has been implemented and delivered to our customers. Look for the release version denoted in the item, and check out the MEGA Support news for details on how to start using it.

Declined - due to low of strategic fit or technical feasibility, ideas with this status are not being considered for the product roadmap and cannot be implemented by our services department or partner network without some major heavy lifting. Thank you for your contribution, every idea has merit.


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