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Limitation when obtaining risk fields through macro - HOPEX V4

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MEGA Partner


Currently, I am working on creating a matrix table that includes certain fields of the "Risk" object, derived from an evaluation carried out for each of them. Among these fields, there are some that are not native to the tool and are autocalculated. These fields are:

  • Residual probability
  • Residual impact
  • Residual risk level

However, when trying to call these fields from the macro and generate the corresponding portal, the regeneration process stops due to detected errors. It is curious that by deleting the fields mentioned above, the regeneration process is completed correctly.

The methods we are using in the macro to bring the corresponding value are the following:

  • GetProperty()
  • GetProp()
  • getCalculation()

Likewise, the attribute formats that we are using to obtain the attribute value are:"Internal"

  • "Ascii"
  • "External"
  • "Display"

I would greatly appreciate any guidance you could give me on how to resolve this error.

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I would be happy to help, but need a bit more detail.

As I understand your query,

  • you have some custom attributes that are auto calculated (ie their value is generated by a macro).
  • when you try and use these attributes in another macro, you get errors

What error are you getting?

Snippets of the code would also be helpful