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ITPM Application Assessments - Evaluation Form Customization


I am new to Mega Hopex Products and want to know if the ITPM Assessments Evaluation form allows customization.  I see some of the videos in the training section of the community showing Business Value, Functional support, etc as some of the questions in the Evaluation Form. But If we want add more questions specific to our organization to this form, can this be done? Is there any limitation on how many questions we can add to the evaluation form?

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MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


You can add new assessments or change the existing ones. However, be careful what you change, most assessments have calculations and aggregations being done, and also some attributes of the assessed object can be updated based on the assessments. You don't want to destroy that.
You however be able to add additional questions, and if there is limitations to the amount of questions, you will be probably run out of question way before. We have done new types of assessments with large questionnaires with 100+ elements in the questionnaire.