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Limitation on fields to insert in diagram (V2R1)

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I'm trying to insert a field in a diagram that has a specific attribute about that diagram. (in this case, three customized attributes mentionning the status of the diagram (draft, approved, rejected)  + approver and approval date if it is the case).


In KB0000698, it is mentionned that a Title Block can be inserted in the diagram as of V2 (We use V2R1). (Side note, the other KBs mentionned in this article cannot be found: 00006331 and 00000913)


Indeed we see Title block:



The problem is that even if we try to modify the shape Title Block, we are still limited by the same field that we can insert directly in the diagram:


Are we still limited with the list of field options in V2R1 ("hardcoded" as mentioned in the old KB) or is it possible to customize that in MetaStudio (using Hopex Customizer profile) ?


We had hope when we saw the following but  any modificiation did tothing to the Title options or field options:



Can you confirm the option for us is to generate a Macro upon the creation/modification of the diagram to insert a note containing those diagram properties, as mentionned in the KB ? 




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Hi Philippe, 


Apologizes for answering so late.


Thank you very much for your explanation, we managed to succesfully insert those in diagrams.


We had difficulties in doing so, but that was because of the Diagram VS Abstract Diagram Metaclasses, so we had to add additional links for our customized MetaAttributes.


Thanks again !

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It should be possible to customize this:

1) you would need to create new MetaAttributes for the "Title" MetaClass, and link a macro to them to retrieve the values of the Diagram MetaAttributes you want to display

2) you would then need to customize  the "Legend" DiagramTypeObject to display those new MetaAttributes, by adding a new DiagramTypeField & DiagramTypeProperty for each new MetaAttribute

3) lastly you would probably need to customize the MetaPicture for the "Legend" DiagramTypeObject to indicate where in the legend block to display those new values.