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System import goes into the public workspace instead of the private workspace

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In HOPEX v4 we could import object using MGR into a private workspace, check the results, and then decide if we dispatch or discard.

However, in HOPEX v5 the import ignores the private workspace and goes directly into the public workspace without even asking...

This is really unacceptable:

--- it is not possible to discard if the import was not perfect

--- it is not possible to see the changes in a dispatch and assign them to a work item

-- it disables the possibilities to aggregate scattered customizations through multiple years and customizers into a consistent cleaned-up installation package.

Does anyone have an idea how to import MGR files into a private workspace and then see all imports in a single dispatch???

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MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

The public work spaces are the new way of working and it is a recommended way as it is introduced with various reasons such as performance, RAM and CPU consumption etc. However, there are still below possibilities:

1. Use HOPEX customizer profile (it is still on Private Workspace)
2. You can also use the Windows client where Private Workspace is used
3. Do a customization and change the value of from "Public Workspace" to "Private Workspace" on Working Environment Template (WET), so that the Profiles which are using this WET will use "Private Workspace" - it might be required to give some more hardware resources to server.




in V5 all profile and desktop are by default in what we call public workspace. This workspace has no "publication principle" as you mentioned.

Should you want this behavior you need to configure the tool to revert back to previous behavior.

Can you share the profile you have used ?

If you use HOPEX Customizer it will have this capability.