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What triggers Undo/Redo menu to be cleared?

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HOPEX has the sometimes very handy Undo/Redo menu options.


However, a lot of the time - our users report that the Undo/Redo history is "cleared" even while they're logged in and working on diagrams.

Reading the documentation (Common Features - Undoing or Redoing Actions on Objects), sadly it is not mentioned when the history clears.

However, from testing - it is obvious the history clears the moment you exit the editing mode of a diagram.  For example, if you switch to view mode and back to edit mode - you loose the ability to undo changes you just made.

Again from documentation - this behavior seems related to Public Workspace automatically dispatching the work when you close the page you're on.  

But, if the reason for history being clear is that changes are auto-dispatched - then why doesn't he history get cleared when a user manually selects the "Save" option from the main menu?    For example,  if I make changes to a diagram and then select "Save", while remaining in Edit mode, the Undo history remains intact. Why?  Pressing Save should have dispatched the changes - thereby clearing the history.

I would really appreciate some explanation on how Undo/Redo history is cleared HOPEX, so that we can give clear guidance to our users.

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Mega team,

I would gladly log his as either defect or documentation issue.

But - honestly, its not clear to me how to log this.   All I can say - Undo/Redo function doesn't work the way users expect it.

Please, can someone from MEGA review this behavior and take appropriate action.   

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Any feedback on this ?

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@AHassan Thanks for detailed response. 

Yes. Something is not quite right.  It seems either the documentation is wrong or the feature does not work as designed.

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

I also have seen the same behavior but my understanding is, when you change the view (close edit mode) of the diagram or close the page the Public Workspace is automatically dispatches the work, hence the undo/redo list is cleared.

However, when you click on save, the data is not really dispatched in the repository but it is saved in your private workspace (doesn't matter you are using public or private workspace profile) - hence the undo/redo list is NOT cleared.

Having said that, according to documentation, if you are using Public workspace profile - "Your modifications are saved and published in the repository" when "Save" is clicked. And if you are using Private workspace profile - "Your modifications are saved in your workspace".

User 1 made the changes and clicked "Save" - User 2 logs in, cannot see the changes:


User 1 changes the view or exit the edit mode - User 2 can see the changes:


It seems to me that "Save" button is not working as expected.