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how can I put a default Shape?

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi community, how can I put a default Shape ? when I add an element.

When I select a "Data object" element, it is the result but I want another shape by default, without going to the catalog to select it




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Hi eortiz,


Not sure if you're still struggling with this but, at V4, here's a generic instruction set on how to set a new/different shape as the default:

Main steps:
- Identify the name and path of the current default shape file.
- Locate the file of the default shape file.
- Copy the default shape file into the appropriate Mega_usr folder.
- Customize the shape file using the shape editor (assuming you hadn't done so, already).


I hope that helps.

Hi. @jcamara  the version of hopex is v4




Hi. What version of Hopex are you attempting to implement this change?