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Log File Management

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Version - HOPEX V4 CP2

Everyday HOPEX generates ~1300 SystemDb.log files and about the same number of SystemDb.Transactions files.  While these files are typically only 1k each, over time they add up and impact server performance.


Does HOPEX have any option to manage these files?  For example log file lifecycle or maybe an automated log file clean up option?

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You can consider zipping the older files (Manually or via a script... I performed a quick internet search and found some batch options) which should shrink the footprint down significantly. Otherwise, as DINGALLS mentioned, turning the logging off all together. Keep in mind that turning of the transaction logfiles will also disable the historical "Activity" entries (aka no history on changes made to objects). If historical activity is of no interest to you/your organization, then you can certainly consider turning it off (easiest approach).


I hope that helped.



As an addition to this you are able to disable the creation of logs if you wish following our online doc





If you are refering to backup log file which is stored in the environment folder under each repository then please read the ducumentation on the below link. It says "To avoid overloading the RepositoryName.Transactions directory, MEGA recommends that you regularly archive the old logfiles.":

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So it seems the answer must be "No" HOPEX has no log file management.


ok, so how do you manage log files?