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HOPEX V5 - Paste an external picture into a diagram


Hello Community,


In HOPEX V5, how can I copy/paste a picture from an external folder (non in HOPEX) into a diagram hosted in HOPEX ?


Kind regards,


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Did you get more details about "near future" 🙂 from Mega ?

Hi Mahdi,


i've attached the document shared by mega support at the time when i had raised the question.

hope it answers your question.



Alaa Eid

@BenAvdicevic Thanks for the reply. This is great news.

Honored Contributor

@Mahdi  Great question.

We are using V5 and our users often ask about this.

Its a limitation that I know MEGA is aware of.   

Hopefully we'll have something in near future.

Thanks alaaeid. Do you know in which version it will be available and when?

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I had the same question as the one posted by Mahdi.

Where I'm working with HOPEX, everybody is using the HOPEX Web client and we need to be able to copy/paste pictures in Diagrams when using this Web client.

Nobody is able to use the Hopex windows application after our migration to the V2 and nor tomorrow with the V5 we are deploying this year.

Is someone from the @mega company able to reply to the question and/or give additional information about this capability in the current V5 or in future releases ?




MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi Mahdi,


You can paste images into diagrams from the windows application.

Web interface currently does not support external images.