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Diagram Picture Exports are blurry or appear low resolution

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HOPEX diagramming/modelling principle is to do black box / white box modelling.   Meaning, first model architecture - only considering components as black boxes.   Then, when needed - model the internal architecture (white box) as needed.

This works well if you only you HOPEX to browse the architecture model.  You can "drill into" the lower level diagrams with a click of a mouse.

However, we often need to show a "layered" view - showing both the external and internal architecture of components(i.e. Applications)

For this - we have began using the option called "display diagram describing the object".

The issue

When using "display diagram describing the object" on an Application Environment object to show the internal structure of the Subject Application - and then you export the diagram as a "picture"  - you end up with a low quality rendering.

* PNG format:  the lines inside the "diagram describing the object" are jagged and wavy. Especially "graphical elements" - as you can see below:


* SVG format:  The entire "diagram describing the object" appears slightly "blurry" compared to the rest of the image - as you can see below:


Are there any known workarounds?  Perhaps something in the settings?

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Will do Tyler.


Hi Ben,

This does not look like standard behavior. If you would like this to be investigated for a possible fix/workaround, please open a support ticket with steps to reproduce the issue.