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ITPM Metamodel subset


This Metamodel diagrams shows the main MetaClass and MetaAssociation for the ITPM solution

ITPM (web service extract).png


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Honored Contributor

@oguimard  Thanks for sharing.  I noticed you also shared for Business Process.

How about ITBM and ITA  modules ? can that be also shared ?

Find attached again the file. I hope this time resolution will be good.

Honored Contributor

Thanks @oguimard  The resolution was good first time.  I didn't use the "download" button on your site. I right-licked and saved the photo - which gave me low-res image.

With the "download" button - I was able to get full resolution and image is clear.  THank you.

Will you be posting metamodel for other HOPEX modules?

@oguimard Would it be possible to get this for ITA module ?