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Application Exchange Graph


Application Exchange Graph

1.1.1. Application Exchange Graph ITPM U3.PNG



The Application Exchange Graph is a new instant report that shows a graph of exchanges between selected applications. (HOPEX V2R1 - update 3)

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the Graph looks very helpful. How can I produce such graph? Is it possible to do it with ITA (V2) or SOIA licence in V2R1 U3?



The above picture is from ITPM, but in the new ITA there is already some standard reports based on the report type, but you also create you own using the report template "Environment Report".

E.g. right click on an application and look for the Report Discovery function in the Documentation menu.

In the list of possible report, go down to the Standar Report - here you should see the Environment Report. You can fill in the parameters, e.g. different MetaAssociations to an application, and they will be displayed in a similar form.




Thanks. I tried few simple graphs and it works. But if I would like to have the very similar graph like in the picture (it is ok without arrows) what to choose for "Hierarchy" and for "MetaAssociatedEnd" when defining a report? See the attachement. Or you think the specific query would be needed for that? I must present the graph showing how the application is connected to other applications via Interaction (Exchange Contract).

I accept this as a solution.