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How to store / backup the whole HOPEX old version process in local folder

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How to store / backup the whole HOPEX old version process in local folder

Hi community,

I'm a new user of the MEGA HOPEX, I met a problem when revising a process in MEGA HOPEX. How can the old version from level 1 to level 5  export and store in the local folder? And when we want go back to the specific version, we can open as well in local folder (such as .exe file).

So, what I want is:

  • The system always show the latest version of the process
  • The old version of the processes can be store in the local PC and I can open it when I want to see them.

Current used version of is MEGA HOPEX V2 CP02.

Do you have any good ideas about it?





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You could also consider making a complete duplicate of your environment (folder ans supporting Sql databases), restoring them on the same server (with a new name) or on an alternate deployment/server/laptop with the same/new name.


Some additional information can be found here:


I hope that helps.

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Appreciate for your reply.

  1. For the logic backup, we usally backup the HOPEX metamodal, is it same? 1.JPG
  2. For the time machine, what is it? How do I find it?




MEGA Partner

There is several ways you can do this.


1. use a logical backup, and from here you can use Compare & Align to re-import an old process

2. Use the Time Machine  to access an old version in Read-Only mode (here there is no need for you to do anything).