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V5CP06HF16 - has.custom & Dev instance - Work Item not available

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Hi There,

We have V5CP06HF16 on our Development  environment.

  • Development instance (Has version
  • has.custom (15.2.0+13) module has been installed  - module's folder available in Hopex Application Server folder
  • .NET SDK 6.0.415 64x installed
  • NuGet:  Hopex.ApplicationServer.Tool  installed

In Hopex Customizer profile we do not see during dispatch Work Item also from the Navigation menu in Report Studio we do not see Custom Packaging option.

During dispatch we have only Design Task option available. 

I am pretty sure that Navigation menu in Report Studio >> Custom Packaging option was available for short time.

So my issue is that I am unable to pack our customizations in Hopex as Work Item (WI) is not available for us we fallowed the guide installations, but we do not get WI.

Can it be licensing issue or maybe we are missing something?


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MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


Do you have this in HAS Management Console?

Even if you already have it, I would suggest to remove it, download it again and run the Environment Automatic Update.