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Is it possible to change the background color of a diagram component (e.g. Application) in v5?

New Contributor

We have a requirement to color code diagram components such as Applications and Databases based on their status in current and target states. For example, an Application that has been deprecated may be colored-in red whereas a new application may be green.


Has anyone done this in V5?

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Honored Contributor

@jcamara For HOPEX V5 SaaS customers - I believe HOPEX Studio is not yet available.  This would imply SaaS customers must leverage MEGA PS for this work. Is this correct?




Did you happen to review our "MEGA Shapes Programming" section of our online documentation for information on this topic?

Breadcrumb path: HOPEX Customization (Windows) > Customizing Diagrams > MEGA Shapes Programming


Also, it may be worth looking into the "DiagramTypeObject" and "DiagramTypeParam" of a metaclass where you are interested in implementing this customization.


I believe it was once and, therefore, still but it certainly took a level of familiarity with Hopex to properly implement. I would consider reaching out to your local MEGA account representative to discuss with a member of our Professional Services team, if unable to determine leveraging our online documentation and Knowledge Base articles on our community site 🙂


I hope that helped!