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AS IS - TO BE * Projects

New Contributor

AS IS - TO BE * Projects

Hello, Colleagues!

I have a case of multiple to be processes in different projects, So I am looking for best practise to manage this complex enviroment. I assume "AS IS" to sit in a separate repository, but I want to have locked retro copy in the "to be" repository. 

As there are many options for versions (salso projects, libraries) - I would be grateful for some one's expirience.


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MEGA Partner

Hi, There is different ways you can work with As-Is and To-Be. You are not writing which version of HOPEX you are using, so below can change depending on this.

1. You can as you say create To-Be in a sperate repository, especially if you need to change and existing process, while continuing to work on the As-Is

2. You can also you Collaborative Workspace (my preferred way), where you Check-Out the As-Is version and change it to a to-be version. Only caveat is, the As-Is process will be locked during this activity. In the Collaborative Workspace you can invite users to view the proces and they can vote on the changes. Finally you can dispatch (or discard) you changes back into the main repository.

3. Duplicate your As-Is process, and thereby creating a new instance of the process and change is.

Thanks for a fast reply!

I have HOPEX V3.00.04 (7.87.5533.0)


I assume separate repository as the changes can be a 1-2 year project.

In the third option - to duplicate, which I also consider in the "to be" repository, 

I have many technical issues which I coud not solve so far.

1. I have to set the "as is"  to a read only mode.

2. I have to make it possible to filter them out, or to filter the repository to show only processes from the current project.

3. I need a report similar to one based on versions, to compare the original process and the modified duplicated process.


I hope it's possible to develope all the functionality, but I am not sure if I am going the right direction, as it might have been developed in the platform already.



For the Read-Only part, you can already today "Lock" an object with propagation, so I would use that to freeze the As-Is. If you use the Collaborative Workspace, objects that you check out, will be locked automatically in the main repository. You also have the option to check-out parts that you don't need any more in the Collaborative workspace. If I were you, I would have a look at how the Collaborative Workspace works - it would solve a lot of your challenges.

We also typically use the EA Project to keep track of objects that we work on in a project. Makes it more easy to report, and filter out objects.