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What is best practice for using EA Project object in MEGA?

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What is best practice for using EA Project object in MEGA?

I'm just curious.

Is EA Project commonly used to manage "EA projects" with MEGA?


If you do use it, can you give a brief overview of the use case?

In our org. we are looking to provide guidance on "project work", not really related to maintaining current/target state of specific applications (well, tangentially related to that).   As you know, project work tends to involve a landscape of applications that cut across many systems, and usually requires multiple different kinds of diagrams.  (Business, application, deployment, data, infrastructure etc..)

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We, in V2  and before (will migrate to V5 next year) are using the EA project object to have a list of all on-going (and closed) IT projects in HOPEX (same list as the list in our PPM tool). We request project teams to link impacted major objects to the project to have the impact of the project on different architecture "Building blocks" in HOPEX (applications, IT services, processes, Entity, data models ....). 

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@SergeThorn Thanks so much for this helpful info.

I will now look into "Enterprise Projects" to see if/how we can leverage that for our "project" work.




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I'm not too sure about what is the last version of what Projects are in MEGA but while investigating, I found this:

  • Historically there were EA Projects which were before Projects
  • Now it seems that EA Projects will be replaced with Enterprise Project which is a different metaclass
  • Enterprise Projects is associated to the PPM licence
  • EA projects can be migrated to Enterprise Projects with a script
  • EA Projects should disappear
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Just wondering if there is any feedback on EA project object?