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Continuity of the EA Project module

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

I noticed that in Aquila the presence of the EA Project functionality. Searching for a little more information about this functionality, I didn't find any example or attention explaining or exemplifying this module, which seems very important to me. In the DEMO repository the examples are incomplete and poor. Would anyone have any material to complete my studies? Will this module be maintained in future versions of Hopex?


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How do we create the project, it ask for selecting a Project Type. Any documentation, Video refrenec will help, unless there is known restriction limitation. 



This object is quite old in Mega and has been used for different purposes around project management (and other). This may explain why Demo repository needs some cleaning.

Today, it is used to identify project of (enterprise) architectures, including IS of course. It is similar in structure of enterprise project in ITPM but time horizon is shorter and perimeter is reduced. To catch difference, you may think to the difference between a program and a project as they are commonly accepted.

We are not planning to remove this concept. And if it was the case in the future it will be replaced by something covering the same need.