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object Web site: where to find the generated pages??

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We've migrated from Hopex V2 (windows client) towards Hopex 5 (web client) and it seems that our object 'web site' is no longer functioning as before.

See the screen shot below in V5.


The characteristics seem to miss some previously existing fields (like folder). Also the tab 'Objects' seems to be no longer available.

The following screenshots are from our V2-version.



I can click right on the existing web site in V5 to 'generate in background', but whatever I do this web site is not generated or it was generated but the location is unknown to me...

Could anyone help me with this?

Tnx !

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You can read more about website generation from web here

When the site generates in the background, it creates a folder with the website hexid as the name. You can find the folder inside your specified website folder path. If you attach a user to the website generation, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the website as a zip once the generation is completed.





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thank you for your response.

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Website is one of those things for which you still have to use Windows client - there are a few things which one can do from the web client using HOPEX Customizer profile but still the access is limited.

The generation path should be the same as it was before but it is visible from Windows client.