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Consultation on Security Implementation in Hopex 360 - HOPEX V4

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner


I am investigating how to implement security measures on the Hopex 360 portal. My goal is to ensure that before accessing information on the portal, a username and password are requested to ensure that only authorized users can access it. Currently, we have configured authentication through IIS to allow access only to users registered in Active Directory. However, although we have made this configuration, we are not sure of its 100% effectiveness.
I would like to know other alternatives available to strengthen security in the 360 portal. We are using the Hopex V4 version. I appreciate any suggestions you can offer on this matter.

We are attentive to your comments.

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You can setup Authorization rules to limit the access to the website for certain AD users/groups.





Securing the HOPEX360 website in V4 relies on the webserver hosting the site (IIS).

Configuring Authentication and Auhtorisation will restrict access.

There are numerous articles on the internet on securing an IIS server that provide good advice.

If you are still concerned about unauthorised access to the data in the website, then you can customize the pages to not included the sensitive information.