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Report (MS Word) not generating from the Web Client

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Hi all,



Web Client


I created an MS Word Report in my Development environment, Migrated it to our Test environment and everything worked perfectly.  I have just migrated it to my production environment and I cannot get the document to generate.


In Dev and Test, you right click on the object (application) and select New Report (MS Word), enter the document name, select the template and MS Word Opens and the document appears.


In Production you do exactly the same steps but MS Word doesn't open.  If I go to the Application properties I can see that a document has been generated, but I cannot open it.  If I do it in the Windows Client the document generates as it should.


Is there an Options setting or something that I have missed?



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Problem solved.


In your environment options, under documentation Report (MSWord) you can define a location for shared documents.  Make sure this location is accessible by HOPEX.  You can define a local folder, but users will only be able to access the documents through HOPEX, or you can leave it blank and the document will be managed by its creator.