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massupdates of translations


Hi everybody,


documentation does not give me the answer - can you?


I want to export for any element the fields of all languages we installed (German, French, English) so we can clean everything up (we have people that work in french but use english terms) and upload it again.


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Is there an updated version of this template for V4? Thanks.


you have to activate the multilanguage option in options/DataExcahnge/import export sync/tools third party: metattributes translation availability

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Hi, We use kind of the same at a customer, users are working in 1 language, an overnight job creates a word document (to not loose formatting) and translation services translate the document. when ready it will be uploaded in the objects name & comment. when working with comments, if you export to excel, styles and formatting might be tricky... then Word is a better option. kind regards, Wim VdV


Ok, is a way to go about.

Hope for some better solution from MEGA.



Hi Lars


Thanks for your help. Acutally it is not as you expect. I am on the Web and all I see is the short name.

but hte idea below might do the trick (not very elegant though).



You can also just export into Excel and translate. Before you re-import, you switch language in MEGA. This way, the translated text will be imported into the correct language layer.

I would expect to see the different ShortName attributes like I have in the provided attachment.



Hi Lars,

that is what I hoped for.

But when I specify my columns for the export I can use 33  Short Name, but this gives me the language in which I work and nothing else. I have no clue where to tell the extractor to get the different languages for the object in question.

Do I have to play around with the metaclasses or ....

Sorry I am a novice in this field 😉

ThanXXL, Beat

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

You can use the Excel export tool to export the different languages attributes for each object in question.