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Dispatch & Translate & Compile

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How to make sure through system, that user already dispatch their works and dispatch process is done properly?


And, what we have to do if the error message "The technical data are not compiled...." and "The Metamodel is not compiled...." even after Translate and Compile process already complete? And what the root cause?

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Thanks for your reply


Hi intaintanta, 


If you are at later versions of Hopex (say Hopex V4), with the Hopex Administrator profile, you have the ability to manage User workspaces (delete, dispatch or export) then you could perform the Translate & Compile as noted in the previous post. If you find that does not resolve the requirement, perhaps share some information from the error logfile during the time of the Translate &Compile.

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I don't think that it is possible to enfore users to dispatch through system but there are few things which one has to ensure before metamodel/technical data is compiled.

1. Stop SSP

2. No other user should be logged in (Windows and Web) while compiling the metamodel

If the compilation was successful and you are still getting message about Metamodel compilation, could be because someone was logged in while metamodel was compiled.

Now, I would suggest to ask users to login and either dispatch/discard their open workspaces or you can also delete them from Administration.exe or discard/dispatch from Administration desktop via web front end.