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Hopex Web Error getting session token: ERR009 - Session Connection Failed

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Hi Community,

We set up hopex explorer on our servers. We are trying to loing with user name and password as shown below, But we are getting error like "Error getting session token: ERR009 - Session Connection Failed".  Can any one help me.




Colruyt Team
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The link is broken!!

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We encountered the same problem. However, our configuration is particular : We have two Web servers that are in load balancing. A user can log on one or the other server (round-robin).

When a user closes a session abruptly, when he tries to reconnect (sometimes) it  has this error.

What we found: The session is always open in background, so the license is used. "A kind of Shadow session".

To solve this problem, there are two approches:

1- Retrieve the session. Normally a direct connection to the server (using IP address) allows to recover the session, then just logout it properly.

2 - Kill the session. Either in the administration tool (Hopex/admin) try to close the session (for us it's not always a good solution), or on the server (you must find the process MEGA for the user, and there are not many clues) but you need admin access to the server !.


Also In order to avoid too often contact the MEGA administrator, we have set a time limit for idle sesions (timeout). If nothing is done after 20 minutes while the session is killed. We have mobile PC users, sometimes Wi-Fi  connexion is lost which closes the MEGA session.


This error009 doesn't help to solve the issue. For us this error often occurs when the session is between two states ;-). You'd better look ar log from the server.




I kindly invite you to refer to the solution available in the following link:


Best regards

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It's a licence problem, see details in the megaerrAAAAMMJJ.txt logfile (i think you can find it in C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Mega)

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We are also getting this error - I think this is because the licences aren't being released. Check your licence usage (open licensing.exe).