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How check / uncheck parameter in Forms et Details ?

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We created a specific application form which allows to display a round (red or yellow) in Overview of applications diagram.

This round is displayed when the query entered in the fields "Requête" of the DiagramTypeProperty object returns true.

By script, we want to uncheck the parameter "Icône de SNCF - Indicateur FCT" in Views and details of diagram or in Forms et Details of application object, 

See attachment with screenshots.

In the past, we wrote a script which allowed to check / uncheck a parameter entered in the field "MetaAttribute" of the DiagramTypeProperty Object.
See attachment with the script.


This script updates "SNCF - Disponibilité sinistre majeur" parameter but doesn't work if it is used for check / uncheck a parameteter entered in the "Requête" of the DiagramTypeProperty object.


The script fails on the line :
set oDisplayObject = otextField.ItemProperty("ModeAttribute_DisplayObject")


Do you know the right ItemProperty to use ?
Where can I find documentation on this subject ?


I thank you very much.

Muriel Renoud

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