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Application Scenario Diagrams


Application Scenario Diagrams.png


Scenario diagrams enable application architects to depict the same application in multiple contexts or scenarios. With these diagrams, application interfaces are described in a simple manner by representing all flows between applications. To simplify diagram representations even further, interactions can be grouped into one single flow set.

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Honored Contributor

Just to be clear.

This type of 3 layers of diagrams within diagrams can be created with HOPEX natively, correct?

You didn't use Power Point or some photo editing tool to create above visual, correct ?

It is a mash-up of various diagrams.

Honored Contributor

@ilvetz ,

So not created with HOPEX alone.  An external tool was used to create above diagram-in-diagram view.  

@SarahMx it would be good if that was more clear from the original post.





@ilvetz @BenAvdicevic 

No mash-up there.

You can always replace an object shape by one of its describing diagram in any diagram, allowing to produce multi-level diagrams.

In example above :

  • IT Service "Specific Monthly Data Layout" shape was replaced by one of its diagrams in "Pay Management" diagram.
  • IT Service "Pay Management" shape was replaced by previous diagrams in "Payroll" diagram
  • etc.

To replace an object shape by one of its describing diagram, select this option on the contextual menu of object in diagram. Example :




@PBessodes Perfect! that is the what I was looking for.  This is a really useful feature in HOPEX.

Super Contributor

Thanks @PBessodes . I've never seen that option in the contextual menu. I'll check with support team.

Honored Contributor

@PBessodes can you clarify if this option is only for "scenario" type diagram.

Can this be done with "structure" diagrams.  

For example:


  • In Application Environment diagram
    • To show the internal structure of the "subject" application
    • To show the internal structure of a "partner" application


I confirmed. This also works on structure diagrams