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Public Mode Widget

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Just looking for clarity on the meaning of "public mode" widget - as documented in Customizing your dashboard


Documentation says "public widget is displayed in the dashboard of all the users.


My interpretation of this is that if I create a widget in public mode and add it to my dashboard - then, every user will see it automatically in their dashboard.    In other words - the user won't have to add the widget to their dashboard - it will just be there.  But I am not sure this is right interpretation.  Perhaps it means "widget CAN BE displayed in the dashboard of all users". 


However, if my interpretation is correct - how does one create a 'public mode' widget ?


What I have tried.


1. Create a query and then create a new gauge report out of the query. For example ("New Gauge Report")

2. Ensure that no user is listed in the "Assignments" page of the report. 

3. The New Gauge Report now appears as a "Public Report"

5. Open the report and select option to add to my own dashboard as a widget


But, I don't know how to ensure the widget is visible automatically for all users.


I have tested with a colleague.  His dashboard is initially empty (no widgets).  He has to select the Add widget button and then select the "New Gauge Report" widget to add it to his dashboard.

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Any feedback on this ?  Thanks.