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Smart Analyses for Applications


I ran a smart analyses against a portfolio of applications and after completing the recommendation to eliminate, divest, etc.. I noticed that the TIME Analysis visualize report looked off . I noticed that all of the applications were listed in the lower left quadrant and they should have been scattered through out the graph. 


I can say that the Business and Technical Index data completion % was low (either 0% or 33%). What data needs to be added for the applications that can ten place them in the appropriate quadrant?



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Thank you so much mmajid. This really helps and the report is great to show what still has to be completed before the smart analysis!


Hello Gerry,

Time Analysis is based on two axes Business Index and Technical Index these indexes are based on simple indicators:

  • Business Index:
    • SLA Level 10%
    • Functional Support 30%
    • Business Value 60%
  • Technical Index:
    • Technical Efficiency 40%
    • Application Obsolescence Risk 40%
    • Lifecycle (end of Production) 20%

You can check the completion reports that shows if this data is available or not for your application:


If you have changed data of application after the creation of the analysis make sure to recalculate the score by clicking the button:



Custo Guru