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Problem creaiting a new shape

MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner

Hi community.


I'm having a little problem with a new shape. I'm creating a new shape for a server, using an existing shape (image1), this existing shape is an application shape as you can see. What I'm doing is open this existing application shape using the shape editor, then click file> "save as" and then I change it's name to "myshape.mgs" and changed its location from Mega_Std\pictures.7200\method to Mega_Std\pictures.7600\method and save it. So what im doing is a copy from the original.

Then the first thing I do, change the color of this new shape, it looks fine till here (image2) but then, if i change the little icon up to the left, for another icon or png,(image3) my shape is gettint weird, the name is not alligned with the object (image4) and I don't know how to fix it. Im attaching 4 images here in order to help with my situation. I hope i was clear enought with my problem. 



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MEGA Partner
MEGA Partner



All the elements of a shape that needs to moved, and or scaled correctly when you resize a shape needs to calculated. Each elemts has value, typically something like %z%. The icon you changed is most likely missing the value. You can check in the original file, and use the same value for you own icon, and then you should be good (unless you changed other parts of the shape).