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Custom Dataset for Business Functional Areas



I am trying to build a custom report on business functional areas and have hit a blocker.

I have some Business Functional Areas that have Owned Realizations which are Business Capabilities. The Business Functional area also has Implementation's which are the Applications.

I would like to build a dataset that shows me the following:

Business Functional Area > Business Capabilities (Owned Realizations) > Implementations (Only those that are Fulfilling the Business Functional Area) 

There is one issue with this... The business capabilities will have many fulfilling applications, however only a subset of those applications will be Implementations for the Business Functional Area. If the Capability has 50 fulfilling applications, but none of those applications are Implemented to the Business Functional Area, the row should display as blank.

How would I build this custom dataset? Everything I do returns all fulfillments for the capability

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The only issue with this is that the Applications that I want to show are not actually Fulfilling Enterprise Agents to the Business Functional Area.. They are "Business Agent Realizers".

I think the issue here is that there is technically no connection of the Functional Area to the Business Agent Realizers (Implementations) that go through the Business Capability..

Business Capability Fulfillments will give us ALL fulfillments for the Capability. Business Agent Realizers will be some small subset of those Fulfillments. but there is no connection between the two that I know of. I would almost need a computed column where if Business Capability Fulfillment matches the Value in Business Agent Realizer columns, populate the row. Hoping this is not the solution as I do not know how to do this..

Try adding the specific metaclass to your query after the Fulfilling Enterprise Agent

Select [Business Capability Fulfillment] where [Fulfilling Enterprise Agent]:[Business Functional Area] = &RootBusFuncArea

Just providing some more context as this might be confusing to read..

Our Business Functional Area have Owned Capability Fulfillments (Business Capabilities) and Business Agent Realizers (Applications)

I can generate a report that shows these in the same report, but the Realizers are not mapped back to the Capabilities (see below image). So this view is of little value..


In order to link the Realizers back to the Capability, I need to show the Business Capability Fulfillments (a list of all of the applications fulfilling that capability) but then only show the rows which are also Realizers to the Business Functional Area (a subset of those Fulfillments will be Realizers)

This is a view of what I have now, with green highlights as to the correct view, and red with what should be captured. The difficulty I am having is doing that comparison or filtering between the fulfillments and the realizers. 





The query I am using is this:

Select Business Capability Fulfillment where Fulfilling Enterprise Agent = &RootBusFuncArea

and followed the instructions you gave, however this just returns the Capability Fulfillment of the Capability to the Business Functional Area. There are no applications here. Fulfilling Enterprise Agent column returns only the Business Functional area.

What I'd like to do is have the Implementations from the Business Functional Area (Applications in this case) map back to the Capabilities that are Owned Business Capability Fulfillments to the Business Functional Area, but ONLY if they are also Business Capability Fulfillments to that Capability.



Thank you for the reply! I will try this today and let you know how it goes. 



You need to give a parameter name to the "Business Function Area" level of the dataset (see screenshot).Then you replace the "Populating MetaAssociationEnd" by a "Populating Query" in the "Business Capability Fulfillment" level. The query should navigate through the "Business Capability Fulfillment"  MetaAssociationEnd and filter result with agents fulfilling the Business Functiona Area also (using the parameter name as a variable in the ERQL query).