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HOPEX Aquila – Common features

What features are available regarding validation? Eg, workflows to have junior staff uploading and filling in data, and senior staff approving before publishing

HOPEX provides out-of-the-box workflow, for each solution BPA, GRC, EA... Workflow can be easily customized to match your needs and organizational structure.


Can the tab amendments (hiding or showing tabs) be done at a higher level, than just at a user level?

It is possible to configure it to be exclusively accessible to the HOPEX administrator.


Do we still have menu based search?

Yes, we have just demonstrated the new full-text search functionality, but rest assured that the advanced search option remains accessible as well.


Can you elaborate on the Profile change? Will five profiles cover the whole solution, or will there still be separate profiles within each solution, e.g. IT Architecture, Risk, BPA, etc?

We streamlined the list of existing profiles available for the ITPM/ITBM & IT Architecture solutions, making it simpler and more aligned with user expectations. The newly introduced Enterprise Architect profile will have comprehensive access to a wide range of ITBM, ITPM & IT Architecture solutions features, like managing applications, technologies, capability maps & architecture modeling… Solution Architect profile will specifically focus on IT Architecture features, such as architecture modeling.


Presenting a report with huge amounts of data can be a problem. Sometimes our clients use a very complex connectivity between one object and others. In HOPEX Aquila, how can it be handled?

In HOPEX Aquila, the existing reporting features, such as instant and dataset reports, remain accessible. The primary focus has been enhancing the ease of access and usage for template reports (the ‘Report Explorer’ feature). In forthcoming releases, we have plans to enhance further the process of creating complex reports from scratch, without requiring customization.

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With the introduction of Aquila, which improvements are planned in Hopex 360 ? 


Do we expect improvements on Campaign ans session assessments with the Aquila release?