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HOPEX Aquila - Enterprise Architecture

Concerning the New HOPEX features, are there any additional features instead for Application Portfolio Management?

Beyond the UX improvements, HOPEX Aquila provides new functional features that will accelerate APM practices. The main ones will be:

  • AI-Driven APM that will help you build application & technology inventories more easily thanks to AI/ML technologies,
  • The new Smart analysis feature will help you make informed decisions regarding IT transformation & cloud migration.


Can Discovery use other tools already deployed in the data center? Getting new discovery tools deployed are often a challenge with security/work teams.

Yes, we are aware of these security issues. AI-Driven APM can be used without the discovery feature we provide. It can be used from any list of technologies (depending on the quality of your data), and thanks to AI/ML technologies, it will automatically detect business applications and then potential capabilities supported.


Can you estimate how much faster you can build the EA baseline with this AI tech?

Even if it's difficult to estimate this precisely, the first results of automatic technology discovery can be obtained quickly (within a few days), while the detection of applications based on deployed technologies and the connection with supported business capabilities are immediate. Everything then depends on the user's ability to validate (or not) these recommendations quickly.


Will the AI-Driven APM be able to discover all the business applications and fetch the details and their details, including Cloud site, Type, Geo Location, Technology used etc..  automatically?

Software technology and applications, once discovered, are normalized, classified, enriched with functional description automatically, then mapped against capabilities. No geographic / location information is included at this stage.


Are the inputs to the various AI suggestions or recommendations visible? Such as... how the recommendation of technology vs. application is determined?

The recommendations are based on various data from the scanned names of the files + reference data (belonging to Partners and MEGA).

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Which improvements do we have on architecture modeling ? Look and feel and modeling process (diagrams) is very limited in v4-v5. What is expected with Aquila release and what will arrive later (by when)? 

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For SaaS customers, to support AI APM features, does MEGA use 3rd parties to process customer data?  In other words, does data leave MEGA SaaS cloud environment?