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Introduce yourself


Introduce yourself

Our team shared a bit about themselves (Meet the MEGA Community Team) and now it's your turn! Some of you have been part of the MEGA Community for years, and some of you may be new, we'd love to get to know you, too!

Reply in this thread and let us know who you are, what you do, what expertise you have to share... anything you'd like. Here are some questions to get you started but feel free to add anything you find relevant:

  • Who are you?
  • Where you from?
  • Which industry are you in?
  • What is your title?
  • What HOPEX solutions are you working with?
  • How long have you been working with MEGA?
  • What are your professional certifications and skills?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?

We look forward to meeting you!

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Honored Contributor

I'll try to give it a go.


I'm Stijn Van Schoonlandt, located in Belgium in the lovely historical city of Leuven. I'm working as a consultant mainly in banking industry. I'm self-employed and my clients mainly give me the title MegaMan, but besides that I'm experienced in MEGA from functional and technical point of view and in many of the different modelling methodologies / languages.


Currently working with many of the solutions of HOPEX in the modelling part but not the risk management part. I have been working with MEGA since version 6 I believe, that should be around 9 or 10 years?


As hobbies / interests, besides working in ICT, I have a coffee/tea company together with my wife. Anything regards coffee/tea is an interest of a hobby. I'm teaching people tea in Europe (London, Brussels). I love to cook and travel and I have 3 children with plenty of hobbies that keep me busy.




@SVanSchoonlandt Thank you for being brave enough to answer this thread 🙂 
Nice to meet you! It's not the first time I heard about this MegaMan nickname. Also very glad that you like tea: I drink it all the time! 


Super Contributor

Hello !


My name is Thierry, not a new member of the community but did not use this place a lot in the past.

As I will try to participate much more starting from now, I think it's a good idea to introduce myself.


I'm self-employed, live in France in the suburbs of Paris, and work with Mega solutions for a while  (since Mega 4.3 and more that 15 years  if I remember well ) and in different business areas (finance, industry, energy, retailling).

Currently working as Mega/Hopex referent (functional & technical) for a Customer in the area of Fragrances and using Hopex for Processes and Applications architecture modeling and starting the implementation of a Data Glossary solution with Hopex.


Apart from my job and the solutions provided by Mega :-), I like musik, diving and sports and participates to Horse riding (jumping) competitions for some years ...


Best Regards,




Hi thierry,


it's been  a long time, great to see that just as me you pick up the work again and be more active on the forum. Looking forward to share ideas in the future.


Interesting client, fragnances, that is something different from finance and banking 😉



My name is Philippe. I'm a former MEGA consultant, and have been working with MEGA/HOPEX on and off since 2004. I'm currently working for a MEGA customer in the financial industry in the Washington, DC area.


The team I'm on is responsible for managing the HOPEX platform for the organization. As a resident HOPEX subject matter expert, I interact with our diverse user groups to gather requirements, and design & develop solutions in HOPEX. I also provide HOPEX training for our users.


We have a pretty diverse user group spanning all architecture areas, and are always looking for new and interesting ways to "push" the tool both from a technical and methodological point of view.


My hobbies include whatever keeps my young kids busy (right now mainly building legos), reading, and krav maga (just started a couple of months ago, but really enjoying it).

Super Contributor

¡Hola! My name is Oscar Lepe. I live in Mexico City. I'm an Enterprise Architect at Pink Elephant LATM, and as such, I do consulting services to middle-large organizations within the realm of Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategic Planning, DevOps and Lean IT. Also, I do trainning in these topics to the general public and to closed groups within organizations of any size.


At Pink Elephant I'm responsible not only of the delivery of the EA practice to clients, but also of its aplication to all other Pink Elephant's consulting and trainning services. Thus, I'm introducing the use of Hopex to the every-day work of PE's consultants and trainners. Whether it is ITIL, Lean IT, DevOps, Information Security, IT Continuity Planning or IT Portafolio Management, we at PE are starting to use Hopex for the information and knowledge managment within our services' life cycle, and to support the collaboration with our clients. Of course, more often than not, our clients get curios about how we work with Hopex and asks us for advice on how to use Hopex internally, for their own IT Planning, IT Service Management, and Enterprise Architecture practice.


I'm relatively new to Hopex. Only a couple of months. Before Hopex, I've been using other EA tools for several years. But today, Mega is a far better partner to PE than other EA tools providers.


When I'm not doing EA, I ride one of my motorcycles around the Mexican Republic. Yon can find my adventures in FB at


It's nice to be here with all you.





I am Steve and I work for a large insurance company in the UK who use Hopex Enterprise EA and ITPM.

I am in the process of adding all applications, technologies and capabilities into Hopex and will be needing help to work out how best to do that.

I am a passionate cyclist.



Senior Member

Hi all,

I'm Samuel, from Lisbon/Portugal, and I work in the banking industry.

We're moving from MEGA 2009, which we've used for several years, to HOPEX.

I'm hoping to learn a lot from the community, and I hope that in some time I will be able to also help the community.

My main hobby at the moment is photography.



Super Contributor

My name is Kelvin D. Meeks, based out of Seattle Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States.


I'm an Enterprise Architect that works with clients on a corp-to-corp consulting basis.


My personal motto is "Have Passport, Will Travel".


I began my  journey with Mega in mid-2016 - leading the RFP evaluation/selection effort for one of my clients - and continuing through to the adoption and implementation.

We launched our Mega Hopex initiative in 2nd Quarter 2017, initially focusing on Application Portfolio Management - and then expanding to leverage the new ArchiMate capabilities for Enterprise Architecture governance processes (through the Architecture Review Board).


I have 34 years experience across multiple industries (Telecom, Transportation, Banking and Financial Services, E-Commerce, Criminal Justice, Insurance) - working with small start-ups to $50B multi-national firms. Previous roles have included CTO, Chief Architect, Principal Architect, Enterprise Architect, Integration Architect, Solution Architect, and Development Manager. I'm very hands-on with regards to maintaining my technical skills - and am an evangelist for Open Source Software.


More about my background and experience

My passion is for sailing - and I currently have a 1963 35 ft. Pearson Alberg sailboat

Enterprise Architect, World Traveler, Intrepid Sailor
Personal Motto: "Have Passport, Will Travel"
Company Motto: "Accelerate - Innovate - Elevate"