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Is there a way to export a complete business capability map structure?


Hi -  am using the latest version of Aquila and is there a way to export (to Excel?)  a complete business capability map structure including all owned capabilities, functionalities and applications? Thanks.

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@BenAvdicevic Thanks for the clear explanations and demonstration 👍

I confirm that using Reports is probably the good way to get such data in Excel.

An additional comment :

We are in V5 and don't have the full ITPM module and therefore not the right and out of the box template, I built a "from scratch" Dataset definition and Dataset with the data we need in our reports and excel extracts and I can use it to generate good dendrogram and export data from the dendrogram like what you explain and show in your post.


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@Dessoulavy  Wouldn't it great to be able to do this easily?

Not sure about Aquila, but in V5, there is no "Export to Excel" option for a Business Capability Breakdown Report.

I can recommend a potential solution - but it may not give you exactly what you are looking for.

High level steps:

1. Create a report called Environment Report for the Business Capablity Map object.

2. Use two OOB queries that will build the structure of your map in a "Dendrogram"

3. Use "Export to Excel" option, once your dendrogram is done.


To create a report called "environment report"  - in HOPEX V5 - from the Reports menu - select "New" to create a new report, and then select the "Environment Diagram" template

In the report parameters, set the following two queries:


Next, open the report and export to Excel.