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How to design On Mega Hopex relation between IT Server and an exitant Vmware Cluster ?

New Contributor

thks for your advise first.

so , i plan to design my vmware Cluster (i think to use IT Infrastructure for that), and i create IT Server (for Virtual Machine).

I don't know how i can attach this It Server to my Vmware Cluster.

if you have anay idea, i apreciate.

Best Regards

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thks for your time.

yes i m find this way to do , but , usullay, a cluser contain more than 200 virtual machines, by this way, we need to add manually the 200 VM as IT Server to this diagramm !!

There are a hiden object (usage ordinateur, server usage) created each time we add à new it server : this link/object/relation  can be added to the properties in IT Infrastructure TAB for example ?

other solution : for the first import, we can use import with some Macro inside, but it s not usable for run model !


Honored Contributor

Hi @MustaphaJD .

However, you can add add IT Servers to IT Infrastructure via IT Infrastructure Assembly Diagram.

See this example for training:



Now, there is a question if modeling a VMware Cluster via IT Infrastructure is the best choice.  I am not sure it is, to be honest.

Here is the definition of an IT Infrastructure:

An IT infrastructure is made up of different hardware components such as: IoT and IT devices, computers or IT networks.  

Notice that Mega doesn't provide any examples of "IT Infrastructure".   And the definition is not quite clear.  

Here is the full documentation on how to describe IT Infrastructure - in case its helpful: